Winning school’s visit to hydrogen refueling station

Prize winners of the 2013/14 Hydrogen School’s Challenge, La Sainte Union Catholic School, visited one of UK’s hydrogen refuelling station in Leyton, east London on 10th June 2014.

The hydrogen fuel cell buses operated by Tower Transit for Transport for London use a hybrid electric system with the hydrogen stored in tanks on the roof of the bus.  Instead of polluting the air, the bus produces water vapour from its exhaust pipe and can operate for more than 18 hours without needing to refuel. There is none of the polluting nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and particulate matter that diesel buses pump out into the air. The buses may also reduce carbon emissions – but only if the hydrogen they run on is generated using renewable resources rather than electricity produced by burning coal.

The pupils donned high visibility vests and were able to closely examine a hydrogen powered bus in the workshop that is used to maintain the vehicles. They were also able to see a prototype Hydrogen-powered taxi that is being trialed under the European HYTEC project. They observed the taxi being refuelled and were impressed at how quiet it sounded when driven.

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After the bus tour the pupils enjoyed a ride on the Hydrogen bus.

You too can go on Hydrogen powered bus! London now has a fleet of eight hydrogen fuel buses running on route RV1 between Covent Garden and Tower Gateway.

Route RV1 is a great way to see the Thames and its surroundings. Beginning at Tower Hill, you will pass the Tower of London before crossing Tower Bridge. If you are lucky you might see the bridge open to let a boat through. You will pass City Hall, the Royal Festival Hall and Waterloo Station before crossing the river for a second time on Waterloo Bridge, with great views of the South Bank and the London skyline. You will end the route at Aldwych, home to the Aldwych Theatre, the Waldorf Hilton and Bush House, the former building of the BBC World service. The Daily Telegraph called the route, one of the “best routes for sightseeing on a shoestring”.