London’s built environment professionals discuss energy solutions and the role of fuel cells

Hydrogen London and the Greater London Authority held the event Energy solutions and the role of fuel cells in London’s built environment on 30 September to showcase some of the latest technology solutions and policy updates.

The event featured a diverse audience – including property developers, portfolio holders, planners and policy makers. The morning session provided a valuable forum to explore how we – both individually and as a sector – work to raise even further awareness and drive forward the uptake of fuel cells in the capital. Hydrogen London partner 4th Energy Wave produced the following infographic that encapsulates neatly discussions that took place during the morning (click on the image, and then the icon in the right hand corner to expand)

Energy solutions and the role of fuel cells in London’s built environment

Matthew Pencharz, Chair of Hydrogen London and Deputy Mayor for Environment & Energy opened the event by referencing the importance of fuel cells in terms of meeting some of the challenges and opportunities in the sector – including energy supply, resilience and air quality emissions.

Following on from Matthew, Leah Davis from the Greater London Authority, talked about the London Energy Plan, the challenges that the capital faces in terms of growing energy demand, and reframed the conversation by highlighting that we have the opportunity to choose the direction of future energy supply.

Leading on from Leah Davis’ point about options, Bill Ireland, Chair of Hydrogen London’s Stationary Group highlighted why fuel cells should be a key choice – explaining the various applications available (from large scale energy generation to portable power) and the environmental and economic benefits.

Finally Andy Stanton, Infrastructure & Sustainability Manager for Transport for London, highlighted the fact that fuel cells are already a reality and featured in a number of buildings in London, including TfL’s very own Palestra building in Southwark. The audience appreciated the chance to learn more from a real case study – including the details about performance and lessons learned.

Presentations featured:

London’s Energy Choices – Leah Davis – 30 Sept 2015
The role of fuel cells in London – Bill Ireland -30 Sept 2015
Fuel Cell CHP Palestra – Andy Stanton – 30 Sept 2015

Matthew Dear, Partnership Manager for Hydrogen, closed the event by stating that Hydrogen London would love to work even closer with the built environment sector, and will continue to work with its partners to raise awareness, and highlight the economic and environmental rationale for using fuel cells in London.