CENEX LCV 2015 – fuel cell technology receives attention at UK’s biggest low carbon event

The CENEX – Low Carbon Vehicle event (LCV) is the largest event in the UK for celebrating and showcasing LCVs. Occurring annually, this year’s event took place over two well-attended days on September 9 and 10 at Millbrook Proving Grounds.

Hydrogen London, for the first time, visited as exhibitors to present London’s hydrogen and fuel cell activities, promote the European-funded Hydrogen for Innovative Vehicles (HyFIVE) project as well as offer three Hyundai ix35s, one Toyota Mirai and one ULEMCO Ford Transit van for test and passenger drives (one BMW 5GT was available for viewing purposes only). Further to this, Intelligent Energy had their own private stand for the hydrogen taxi while Arcola Energy had on display a fuel cell that can be integrated into several different cars reducing the overall cost.

The most influential global car manufacturers were exhibited; leading decision / policy makers and experts were in attendance including a significant number of organisations within the LCV sector thus the CENEX event presented a fantastic opportunity to showcase FCEVs, providing a vehicle for mobility on the political agenda and proving that they have the potential to be commercially viable within a family of ultra low emission vehicles.

Outcome of the event:

  • Hyundai offered 85 individual test drives
  • Toyota provided 175 passenger rides, including the Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP, Minister of State for Business, Enterprise and Skills.
  • BMW spoke with approximately 100 people over the two days. Main questions asked by delegates were related to the vehicle concept, vehicle key performance numbers, range and the tank system.

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