A Streetcar Named Hyundai

In celebration of Hyundai Motor UK’s 10th anniversary this year it is launching an ambitious challenge in the form of a 50 day campaign called ‘A Streetcar Named Hyundai’.

The campaign will be carried out in the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell electric vehicle and the only FCEV currently on sale in the UK – the zero-emission Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell.

It will involve driving, photographing and filming all 2005 miles of central London’s streets as defined by the world-famous cabbie ‘Knowledge’; the route has been mapped out by the Ordnance Survey team who delivered the Olympic torch route.

Hyundai is creating completely bespoke software that will control the camera shutter, based on the car’s speed, distance travelled and angle of travel, allowing it to capture the entire journey photographically Once it has an image bank of up to 650,000 pictures, it will also create a bespoke software engine that will sequence, align and blend the images in real time creating a stunning continuous image for the user to interact with online.

The drive kicks off on 29th September and Hyundai has driving slots available until 13th October, after which Hyundai employees will be driving the car to complete the challenge. Once the challenge has been completed, Hyundai will then be holding a big celebratory party in West London on Thursday 26th November where it will unveil the first ever single mosaic image of up to 650,000 street pictures and a 200.5 second time lapse video of the whole journey.

Full press release is available here.