Visit to hydrogen-powered construction site

On January 22nd, Hydrogen London secretariat were invited to a London construction site to see a lighting tower in action which is being powered by hydrogen gas.

Taylor Construction Plant Ltd has developed a new product titled Ecolite-H2 lighting towers. The hydrogen fuel-powered lighting tower produces zero CO2 site emissions, zero noise pollution and zero particulate pollution which can help to make London a cleaner city. In 2013 the product won the Skanska Supply Chain Green Solutions Award which recognises its benefits to the environment.

The construction site is being managed by Skanska who are renovating a Network Rail site close to Union street, Southwark. The secretariat were impressed by the product. It was clear that local residents were benefiting from the noiseless output of the light’s power generator in contrast to the noise produced from a diesel equivalent. Additionally the omission of particulate pollution was equally commendable.

More information on the technology is available here