The Hydrogen Economy Providing a Common Energy Vector for the 21st Century

Canaccord Genuity are hosting a round table event titled The Hydrogen Economy providing a common energy vector for the 21st Century at their London office on 1st October. Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor for Business and Enterprise, will take part in the round table discussions.

The event will bring together CXO level speakers and decision makers from the Automotive, Utility , Industrial Gas , Oil & Gas, Consumer Electronics and Power Sectors, together with representatives from leading Global Investment Groups and Policy makers, to discuss the implications of the rapidly emerging Hydrogen Economy. The aim of the event is to help investors, policy makers and corporates to ‘join the dots’ and appreciate the developing landscape which sees hydrogen as a key enabler in providing clean and efficient transportation, as a storage mechanism for renewables, as a means of boosting energy security, as a mechanism for upgrading the value of the natural gas sector and as a means of providing a solution to the growing distributed power market and the vast and multifaceted consumer electronics market (including the much talked about ‘Internet of Things’). Hydrogen London shall also be in attendance at this event.