Sustainable Transport 2014: Ultra low carbon travel

Sustainable Transport 2014: Ultra low carbon travel will try to identify how improved transport infrastructure can be achieved in order to nurture fledgling economic growth without costing the earth – both in financial and environmental terms. Despite the ongoing restrictions on revenue expenditure, the Treasury have allocated a number of capital funding streams:

  • £9.5billion in transport capital schemes 2015-16
  • £16billion for high speed rail 2016-19
  • Tripled annual roads capital to 2021
  • £100m of capital funding for sustainable travel initiatives 2015-16

The conference will consider how these finances can be best deployed to achieve financially and environmentally sustainable local and national transport networks and takes place on 22nd October 2014 at The Mermaid, London.

Finally, the conference will also showcase exemplars in the challenge to create sustainable local engines of growth. Our afternoon plenary will feature case studies of excellent projects which have broken new ground in sustainable transport. How are some local authorities at the vanguard of working with partners to improve the connectivity of their communities and the customer experience of passengers? What transport innovations are being employed to keep goods, and therefore local economies, moving effectively? Sustainable Transport 2014: Ultra low carbon travel will be a chance to join the debate. Guest speakers include Deputy Mayor for Transport Isabel Dedring.

Hydrogen London shall be in attendance at this event. For more information please check