Energy solutions and the role of fuel cells in London’s built environment. 30 September 2015.

The Greater London Authority and Hydrogen London are holding an event to showcase some of the latest technology solutions and policy updates that will be of interest to professionals working in the built environment – including property developers, portfolio holders, planners and policy makers.

Confirmed speakers and panellists include:

– Matthew Pencharz, Deputy Mayor for Environment & Energy
– Bill Ireland, Hydrogen London Lead (Built Environment) & Logan Energy
– Andrew Stanton,Transport for London (Infrastructure & Sustainability Manager) & Better Buildings Partnership (Board Member)
– Peter North, Greater London Authority (Senior Manager – Programme Delivery)
– Leah Davis, Greater London Authority (Principal Policy & Programme Officer)

Agenda – Energy solutions and the role of fuel cells – 30 Sept 2015

Energy solutions and the role of fuel cells will explore some of the challenges and opportunities in the sector – including energy supply, resilience and air quality emissions (from construction to operation).

The event will not only feature presentations and a panel discussion, but also table discussions on a range of topics – enabling attendees the opportunity to explore some of the key issues in greater detail with experts in the sector.

For further information about this event or the work of Hydrogen London, please contact Matthew Dear, Partnership Manager: